11 November 2013

Genomic-tip and DNA extraction

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Monday notes


Mahest sent updated version of expression heatmap. Still see grouping primarily of colony, but less extreme than before.

AN pointed out that the expression pattern may be due to looking at ALL genes. The ‘heat responsive’ genes are only 10-20% of all genes, and this signal may be swamped by differences in other genes that have expression that is the same within but different among colonies.


Painted workers from second even-aged cohort with Riley. She reported that in last week’s observations only ‘green’ heat-shocked workers demonstrated foraging behavior!


Hopefully final test extraction with Pogos using Genomic-tip kit. Tried combination of using Buffer ATL for homogenization, then adding Buffer G2 prior to incubation with Proteinase K. Precipitate formed when I added Buffer G2 and the solution became very cloudy and turbid.


Started using <fig> tag for figures so I could include captions. Had to modify css to change background of figure caption to differentiate from text. Some trouble figuring out how to set caption width to figure width in responsive framework.

Using figcaption {display: run-in; width: 300px } keeps image responsive, but caption isn’t. This might be okay if I always keep figures at same size (seems reasonable on web page) but doesn’t seem ideal.

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