14 January 2014

FastAnnotator and RNA extraction

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Tuesday notes


Continuing working on analysis.


To check quality of RNA after RNAzol extraction only, diluted the 2ul aliquots from yesterday’s extractions 10x. Sent 2 ul for Bioanalyzer analysis (Pico range 200 pg/ul - 25 ng/ul).

If quality of DNA is adequate and concentration is not much lower, there should be enough RNA in the remaining 15-18 ul for DGE.

Also did a new round of RNA extraction through RNAzol only but different than yesterday:

  • all ethanol washes
  • elute in 102 ul H2O
RNAzol extraction
Sample RNAzol ng/ul RNAzol 260/280 BioAn ng/ul BioAn RIN
20D CT 157.8 1.8 0 5.9
20D HS 26.0 1.6 0 1.2
24A CT lost - - -
24A HS 79.9 1.7 0 1

Given the greater elution volume, these values are on par with yesterday’s results.

Diluted these sample 10x and sent for Bioanalyzer (Pico range 200 pg/ul - 25 ng/ul) along with other samples.

UPDATE: 2014-01-15 added Bioanalyzer results. Terrible - shouln’t have diluted as any signal disappeared.


Comments on undergrad research proposals by Grace and Nicole.

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