20 March 2014

ddRADseq, streptavidin, and Dynabeads

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ddRADseq Dynabeads


Working on analysis, manuscript


Streptavidin bead cleaning of P1-P1 primer pairs

Do I need to remove DNA from beads prior to PCR? ddRAD protocol is vague on this…

According to Life Sciences FAQ, No:

Can the Streptavidin-Coupled Dynabeads® be used directly in a PCR reaction?

Yes, the beads can be used directly in PCR, as they do not inhibit enzymatic reaction. Slight PCR-inhibition has been seen when 75–100 µg of Dynabeads® M-280 Streptavidin was used in 50 µL PCR reaction, and a concentration over 100 µg per 50 µL reaction seems to inhibit PCR completely. Dynabeads® M-270 Streptavidin do not show any inhibitory effect on PCR at these concentrations.

Helms Cahan lab meeting

KM practice talk

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