26 September 2013

Aphaenogaster, velvet, oases, khmer, digital normalization, and FLASH

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Transcriptome assembly with digital normalization and read merging

Completed velvet-oases assembly on digitally-normalized reads.

About 1hr 15min time for assembly…FAR faster than velvet on all reads with much lower memory usage.

Summary with python /opt/software/khmer/sandbox/assemstats2.py 100 transcripts.fa

diginorm only: A22-diginorm-oases/A22-oases-21/transcripts.fa

assembly stat result
Total Contigs 126812
Total Trimmed Contigs 126781
Total Length 109476821
Min contig size 100
Median contig size 365
Mean contig size 863
Max contig size 14314
N50 Contig 16370
N50 Length 1933
N90 Contig 66842
N90 Length 333

diginorm then FLASH: A22-diginorm-flash-oases/A22-oases-21/transcripts.fa

assembly stat result
Total Contigs 111434
Total Trimmed Contigs 111413
Total Length 111343478
Min contig size 100
Median contig size 447
Mean contig size 999
Max contig size 20427
N50 Contig 15236
N50 Length 2163
N90 Contig 58158
N90 Length 410

Compare to previous results running FLASH first, then diginorm; both with minimum contig length of 100 bp.

FLASH before diginorm: A22-oases/A22-oases-21/transcripts.fa

assembly stat result
Total Contigs 90612
Total Trimmed Contigs 90612
Total Length 86485229
Min contig size 119
Median contig size 586
Mean contig size 954
Max contig size 14006
N50 Contig 16436
N50 Length 1506
N90 Contig 60314
N90 Length 396

40% more contigs and 26% greater total length in assembly with diginorm alone.

Still waiting for full assemly using velvet with 200GB RAM and 48hr walltime to complete for comparison, but at least in the number of contigs, the results are consistent with those from VGN with full Trinity assembly.

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