25 March 2014


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Tuesday notes

Molecular Ecologist Q&A with Charles Goodnight posted.


Working on analysis


Bioanalyzer results - no DNA

Qubit - no DNA

Shit. Tomorrow begins trouble-shooting…


Murren, C.J., Maclean, H.J., Diamond, S.E., Steiner, U.K., Heskel, M.A., Handelsman, C.A., Ghalambor, C.K., Auld, J.R., Callahan, H.S., Pfennig, D.W., Relyea, R.A., Schlichting, Carl D. & Kingsolver, J. (2014). Evolutionary Change in Continuous Reaction Norms. The American Naturalist, 183, 453–467.

  • metaanalysis of continuous reaction norms
  • compare mean and shape of reaction norms among species and/or populations
    • offset: overall difference in mean treat value across all environments
    • slope: difference in overall slope
    • curvature: average difference in curvature of the reaction norm
    • wiggle: variability in shape not captured by previous three measures
  • total of 3,079 contrast lines examined including six moderator variables
  • differences in slope + curvature + wiggle greater than differences in offset
  • offset greater for biotic interactions than abiotic factors
  • greater differences in reaction norms between species than populations
  • “results suggest that microevolutionary changes in curvature and higher-order shape (Wiggle) may be more evolutionary variable than simpler (first-order) aspects of the reaction norm such as slope”
  • “two-environment studies may underestimate the extent of evolutionary change”
  • divergence greater in novel environments; maybe indicative of ‘hidden’ plasticity
  • Overall, interesting analysis with important results
  • Many aspects useful for interpretation of thermal reactionome!

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