27 March 2013

aphaenogaster, pandoc, transcriptomics, and simulations

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Continuing working on permits for Aphaenogaster collection.


Planning to simulate sequence data to develop and evaluate transcriptome assembly pipeline, follow method of Vijay et al (2013)

  • Vijay, N., Poelstra, J. W., Künstner, A., & Wolf, J. B. W. (2013). Challenges and strategies in transcriptome assembly and differential gene expression quantification. A comprehensive in silico assessment of RNA-seq experiments. Molecular Ecology, 22(3), 620–634. doi:10.1111/mec.12014
  • Moreau, C. S., & Bell, C. D. (2013). Testing the Museum Versus Cradle Tropical Biological Diversity Hypothesis: Phylogeny, Diversification, and Ancestral Biogeographic Range Evolution of the Ants. Evolution, n/a–n/a. doi:10.1111/evo.12105

Lab notebook

Test of showing R code in lab notebook

x <- seq(1:10)
y <- x^2

To actually run this R code and generate results, simply run through knitr

When converting pandoc to pdf, the default latex settings gave HUGE margins. stackoverflow gave the answer:

pandoc -V geometry:margin=1in -o output.pdf input.md


  • Ormeño-Orrillo, E., Servín-Garcidueñas, L. E., Imperial, J., Rey, L., Ruiz-Argueso, T., & Martinez-Romero, E. (n.d.). Phylogenetic evidence of the transfer of nodZ and nolL genes from Bradyrhizobium to other rhizobia. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2013.03.003

  • Gelman, A. (2013). P Values and Statistical Practice. Epidemiology, 24(1), 69–72. doi:10.1097/EDE.0b013e31827886f7

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