01 April 2013

Bradyrhizobium and Aphaenogaster

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April Fool's notes


Prepped Aphaenogaster samples for shipping to BMGC for sequencing.


After correcting velvet assembler to specify that data format was fastq (not fasta), de novo assembly went quickly, ~ 1 hr run time!

Found online tool velvet advisor to help with k-mer selection. Based on my inputs of 12.5 million reads, paired-end, each read 60bp long, estimated genome size of 9 Mbp, recommended k=53. For 30 fold k-mer coverage, recommended k=51

Results for different k-mers. Assembly length is for contigs > 999 bp

k-mer num_contigs 50% coverage quantile assembly length contigs >999 (Mbp)
21 13,853 88.2
31 3,065 90
41 1,695 71
53 1,946 45 8.16e6

velvetOptimiser looks like a nice defensible way to go about selecting k-mer…but not implemented in Galaxy.

Another good reason to (finally!) migrate to command-line.

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