05 April 2013


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Reviews in from BOTH Medicago manuscripts! Some work to be done for both, but closer to acceptance!

Heritability paper from MEE.

First reviewer accepted the paper without ANY specific comments. The second reviewer raised a number of issues.

  • concerns about using approach for clonal lines
  • many qualitative statements not supported by statistical testing
  • fail to cite the thousands of papers on genomic prediction
  • our paper doesn’t really read as a “methods” paper
  • need simulations to evaluate some of our claims

These issues are all largely addressable by including more words (this was always a short paper) but does raise the issue if Methods in Ecology and Evolution is the wrong venue for this work…

GWAS paper at PLoS ONE

...suitable for publication if it is revised to address the points below.  Therefore, my decision is "Minor Revision."

More edits needed. Seems like we keep battling the same points.

Worked on brief presentation for Harris Lab Group about resources available through the Medicago HapMap. Will need to post thoughts on using Beamer for presentations at some point…


Presentation to Harris Lab Group.

Brody/Gotelli Lab - discussed revision of paper Nick sent out comparing MaxLike to MaxEnt for species distribution modeling.

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