19 April 2013

Aphaenogaster, DGE, and KAPPA

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Meeting with NG, SCH, AN

Adaptive potential of Aphaenogaster picea to climate change

Discussed methods and analysis.

Spoke with NuGEN rep Babette Fahey about DGE and Encore Rapid Library Prep

Item Cost/sample
DGE 120
Encore Rapid Library 35
BMGC sequencing 202
$3227/lane, 16 samples per lane


Talked to Brendan.

  • Mapping of S. medicae to S. meliloti also does not give high quality mapping, similar to my finding of limited alignment of B. elkanii reads to B. japonicum using bowtie2. Reference is likely too far diverged for alignment.
  • Annotation - use RAST.
  • Brendan will work on phylogenetic tree of relationships among Bradyrhizobium strains. Will need FASTA files and gene annotations from RAST


Special Issue in American Naturalist on Reciprocity in Ecology and Evolution

Reznick, D.N. (2013). A Critical Look at Reciprocity in Ecology and Evolution: Introduction to the Symposium. The American Naturalist, 181, S1–S8. Retrieved April 19, 2013,

  • introduction by Reznick includes an interesting background on the field
  • NEED to read the work by Pimentel (1963, 1968) on evolutionary dynamics between Musca domestica and Nasonia vitripennis cited here
  • “Reciprocity occurs when an organism modifies some feature(s) of its environment and by doing so changes the kind of selection it experiences, causing it to evolve and, as a consequence, change its impact on the environment”

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