06 June 2013


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week notes


Analyses for ‘Genomic estimation of heritability’ revisions.

100 iterations of sampling 50, 100, 150 or 200 accessions and calculating H2gcta for 6 traits. Repeat for either 2500, 25000 or 250000 SNPs. Total of 48 jobs that each take 6-12 hours to run…lots of files to organize.


Hello June!

Went to UVM East Woods with AN, MH and KP. In 2 hours, found 8 Aphaenogaster colonies, two with queens! Many more other ant species at this site - saw both Lasius and Camponotus sharing nesting logs with Aphaenogaster. KP found 2 more queens filtering colonies in lab.

Planning for Aphaenofest


Awesome package with silhouette images of species: phylopic found on Rbloggers. No images of Aphaenogaster.

Example of using slidify for teaching with google forums embedded


Finishing analyses for heritability paper

Guidelines for making an R reproducible example


Prepping presentations for Aphaenofest.

Logitech Trackman Marble set up in linux with this guide and Ubuntu info

Beamer slide size 128x96 mm.

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