31 December 2013


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2013 Annual Report

Brief summary of the tasks and work I accomplished this calendar year. Broady organized along NSF grant proposal criteria.


  • Taught in Citizen Science program at Bard College
  • Guest lectures in Exploring Biology, Human Genetics and Population Genetics courses at UVM


  • Started postdoc at UVM on Dimensions of Biodiversity project in February
  • Set up and administer antlab workstation with 18 bioinformatics programs software packages for 12 users
  • Aphaenogaster transcriptome (ApTranscriptome)
    • designed experiment and collected data
    • preliminary data analysis done and manuscript draft in progress (~50%)
  • Aphaenogaster adaptive evolution of gene expression by latitude (ApGXL)
    • coordinated permits and collection of Aphaenogaster colonies from about 30 sites from Pennyslvania to Maine. Collected Aphaenogaster from 3 sites in NY and VT
    • coordinated Phytotron experiment with NCSU
    • Designed protocol and collected first set of Aphaenogaster samples for RNAseq from Phytotron
    • Planned and ordered materials for digital gene expression (DGE) tag analysis of Phytotron samples
  • Aphaenogaster adaptive potential (ApAdaPt)
    • designed experiment
    • collected 50 colonies at Harvard Forest and collected first year of data
  • Created pipeline for simulated transcriptome assembly
  • Planned and ordered materials for ddRADseq of Aphaenogaster samples for population genetics
  • Planning and DNA isolation for Aphaenogaster genome sequencing
  • Paper (in press) In defense of P-values: comment on the statistical methods actually used by ecologists with Cristian Dambros and Cintia Gomez de Freitas
  • Papers officially published:
  • Attended and presented at Aphaenofest
  • Attended Gordon Conference on Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics

Broader Impacts

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