18 November 2013

BCOR11 and Population Genetics

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Second day of teaching Heather’s classes


Regulation of gene expression. Lecture slides here and case study on quorum sensing. Note for future: ran out of time and only got through section 1 of the case study.

Population Genetics

Tutorial on using TASSEL for GWA mapping. PDF here. Note that TASSEL requires Java 7 installed on computer, and Mac users need to manually force the program to run (Ctl-click on file).

Biology seminar

Brian McGill

  • community assembly
  • regional pool
  • sampling with clumping
  • functional traits
  • traits are hierarchical
  • low-level traits (e.g. easy to measure ‘functional’ traits have low correlations and lower heritability. not necessarily indicative of the higher-level traits that may be predictive for species functioning and response
  • coordination among axes?
  • climate responses
  • non-stationarity: climate responses not consistent across species distribution
  • Gause Leibig
    • plot abundance against environmental variable. for any single environmental variable, most points fall below 90% line (lower abundance than expected), but these points are at line for another environmental variable.
    • can detect limiting factor at any point across range using this method
  • very cool result after being challenged by David Currier(?), McGill examined species abundance distributions in paleo records and compared to present distributions. intra-ocular test showed substantial change in niche envelope for most species. that is, little evidence for niche conservatism
  • competition interacts w/climate
  • filtering acts on individuals, so community assembly is at individual level

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