Understanding species' responses to a changing environment

My research is focused on understanding contemporary evolution in natural populations. What constrains species from expanding their ranges? How do species' interactions influence adaptive evolution to changing environmental conditions? I approach these questions using field studies, experimental quantitative genetics and population genomics. While a field biologist at heart, I enjoy statistical genetics and am an R enthusiast. You can learn more about my reseach and publications, read my open lab notebook, check out my scripts on github and download my technical reports on figshare.


16-July-2014: Vermont Quarterly features Climate Cascade research!

19-March-2014: My paper in the Ecology Forum: P values and model selection is published! You can read my brief summary of our work here.

22-Feb-2014: Aphaenofest III at Harvard Forest. You can see my presentation here.

1-Jan-2014: year = year + 1

31-Dec-2013: Wonder what I've been up to? Me too. I made a report you can read here.

9-Dec-2013: Estimating heritability using genomic data officially published!

21-Oct-2013: New paper, Estimating heritability using genomic data, available early access!

10-Oct-2013: I've started archiving supplemental material as Technical reports on figshare. Check out my first one for a paper soon to be in press at Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

1-Oct-2013: First in a series of interviews I'll be doing for The Molecular Ecologist is now online! This one is with the Chief Editor himself: Loren Rieseberg.

3-June-2013: Candidate Genes and Genetic Architecture of Symbiotic and Agronomic Traits Revealed by Whole-Genome, Sequence-Based Association Genetics in Medicago truncatula finally available online!

24-March-2013: Conducting survery of statistical methods used by ecologists, see this blog post and my site for more info.

24-April-2013: Gabriel David Stanton-Geddes born! WJSG=2!

3-April-2013: My summary/reflections on my paper "Insights from population genetics for range limits of a widely distributed native plant" posted here!

26-March-2013: New website goes live!

14-March-2013: My final thesis chapter, "Insights from population genetics for range limits of widely-distributed annual plant" is available online early!

4-Feb-2013: Started new postdoc position with Sara Helms-Cahan and Nick Gotelli at the University of Vermont!

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