12 July 2013

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Lifetime list of projects and status.

ID Name Year Started Description Status
JSG-E01 CfComp 2007 Effect of competition of Chamae fitness Completed
JSG-E02 CfHab 2008 Effect of soil type and range location on Chamae fitness Completed
JSG-E03 CfRL2 2009 Chamae range limit experiment Completed
JSG-E04 CfRhiz 2009 Chamaecrista - rhizobia range limit experiment Completed
JSG-E05 CfPopGen 2009 Chamaecrista population genetics Completed
JSG-E06 CfBe 2010 Geographic variation in Chamaecrista-Bradyrhizobium symbiosis on hold
JSG-E07 BeGenome 2011 Bradyrhizobium genomics in progress
JSG-E08 MtGWAS 2011 Medicago GWAS Completed
JSG-E09 MtGCTA 2011 Medicago genomic estimation of heritability Completed
JSG-E10 CaesalpNod 2011 Caesalpinoid nodulation on hold
JSG-E11 MtXE 2012 Medicago Experimental Evolution in planning
JSG-E12 ApTranscriptome 2013 Aphaenogaster transcriptome in progress
JSG-E13 ApGXL 2013 Aphaenogaster Gene eXpression by Latitude in progress
JSG-E14 ApAdaPt 2013 Aphaenogaster Adaptive Potential in progress
JSG-E15 CCThermBe 2013 Ant colony-level thermal tolerance behavior in progress
JSG-E16 ApPopGen 2013 Aphaenogaster population genetics ddRADseq in progress
JSG-E17 ApGenome 2013 Aphaenogaster genome in progress

As of 11 July 2013, project name is used as “category” for organizing posts, which should allow me to keep track of which projects I’m working on over time. General posts will still fall into category ecological genetics. There’s no consistent rule for the project name. I’ve tried to include the species at the front (Cf: Chamaecrista fasciculata) and then some sort of acronym capturing the project essence.

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