11 July 2013


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Summary of sample treatment for transcriptomic studies

First author Year Journal System Sample treatment Sequencing
Yek 2013 Molecular Ecology leaf-cutting ants workers of same approximate age from field-collected lab colonies, exposed to fungus RNAseq
Whitehead 2013 Molecular Ecology killifish adults kept in lab conditions for 6 months prior to experiments. treated “at salinities that were physiologically challenging for each species” microarray
Barshis 2013 PNAS coral samples collected and exposed to control and heated temps in outdoor flow-through aquaria for 72 h RNAseq
Kvist 2013 Molecular Ecology Glanville fritillary butterfly larvae from F2 families in lab microarray
Teets 2012 PNAS antarctic midge field-collected larvae RNAseq
Runcie 2012 Molecular Ecology sea urchin full- and half-sib families generated from field-collected adults RNAseq
Heinrich 2012 PLoS ONE kelp sporophytes grown from field-collected gametophytes microarray
Meyer 2011 Molecular Ecology coral full-sib larval families by cross-fertilizing games from three different colonies RNAseq
Ometto 2011 Molecular Biology and Evolution fire ants, two species individuals sampled from lab colonies two weeks after field collection microarray
Siebert 2011 PLoS ONE cnidaria field-collected samples, RNAseq
Wolf 2010 Molecular Ecology crows, two species field-collected microarray
Holliday 2008 New Phytologist Sitka spruce 4 yr-old spruce saplings grown in common garden from seed collected from natural populations microarray
Whitehead 2006 PNAS killifish field collected and acclimated in lab 2 months before experiments microarray

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