10 January 2014

thermally-responsive genes, blast, and RNA extraction

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Thursday - Friday notes

Thursday Jan 9


Working on analysis to identify thermally-responsive genes for combined expression values. Sent file to Mahesh.


Sent samples from yesterday’s RNA extractions for Bioanalyzer analysis to see if low quality is simply low volume, or just bad RNA extraction.


Met Grace to discuss AphThermBe project

Started review for PLoS ONE.

Friday Jan 10

Biology seminar and meeting with Brent Lockwood.

Feed Aphaenogaster.


Added False Discovery Rate correction using qvalue package.

Went from 10,321 with p < 0.05 to 399 transcripts with q < 0.05.

Started annotation with FastAnnotator for Trinity_cap3_uclust.fasta


Programming with Big Data in R

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