14 October 2013


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Monday notes


Even with 72hr walltime on mason - velvet assembly still crashed.

Meeting with Jeanne Harris

reseach plan discussion - full details embargoed


Followed directions here to allow drag-and-drop functionality for copying Zotero references in latex () format to a text editor.

If you don’t know where your translator’s directory is: go to Zotero Preferences. Open the Advanced pane. Click on “Show Data Directory.” This will take you to a “zotero” folder. The “zotero” folder will contain a “translators” folder. Save the.BibtexCiteKeyOnly.js file here.

Instructions: After you restart Zotero, you can use the drag and drop functionality by going to the “Export” preferences pane and choosing “BibTex CiteKey-Only Exporter” as the Default Output Format. Now, you can select a reference and drag it off the screen into a waiting text editor. Alternatively you can use Cmd+Shift+C to copy the to your clipboard.

With the newest translator which was available.

Some more tips on changing the citation key and such.

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