15 October 2013

zotero and open science

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Tuesday notes


Published updates to website!

Lunch with Steve Polasky

I asked if he could put a price on evolution. Suggested thinking of value of evolutionary potential. Complex methods such as discounting for long-term benefits.

Plant-insect interactions group

Forrest, J.R.K. & Thomson, J.D. (2011). An examination of synchrony between insect emergence and flowering in Rocky Mountain meadows. Ecological Monographs, 81, 469–491.

  • long complex study of phenology of insects and plants in Rocky Mtns. final message is that plants may advance phenology ahead of insects in response to warming…but enough to matter?


Continuing from last week, have script that outputs counts of reads mapped to the set of 78 unique loci that were the longest respective BLAST hits to the known transcripts.

Next - extract these 78 transcripts from the known and examine correlation of counts.

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