28 January 2014

RSEM and double digest

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Tuesday notes

  • still working on script to run blastn efficiently for Chagas RAD-tags…


Heat-shocked one group (blue) of ants for 1 hour at 42C. Red group kept in tubes at room temp.


Mahesh sent RSEM output for the “Trinity_cap3_uclust.fasta” assembly.

Within both data sets, expression values are highly correlated between colonies, but between data sets, there is NO correlation…how can this be???

UPDATE - transcripts were ordered differently. when mergeed, correlations > 0.94 between RSEM and sailfish expression values.

Correlations between colonies at each temperature level are also high, > 0.9 for all temperatures except 7.5 C


NlaIII - MluCl double digest for 6 DNA samples.

Made a worksheet to calculate reaction volumes available here.

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