06 June 2014

ddRADseq and zombie ants

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Friday June 6 notes

  • Summer reading group: Andersen et al. (2009) The life of a dead ant: the expression of an adaptive extended phenotype. American Naturalist 174: 424-433.
  • zombie ants. cool.
  • Centennial ms


A third attempt at the ddRADseq protocol.

DNA extraction

Completed DNA extraction that I started yesterday.

Eluted in 25ul Buffer AE. For samples 1-11, eluted twice with same buffer AE to see if this would increase yield. Reserved 2ul for Qubit.

Double digest

50 ul rxn volume following NEB protocol

Reagent Volume (ul)
NlaIII 1
MluCl 1
DNA 20
CutSmart Buffer 5
H2O 23

3 hr digestion at 37°C.

Stored samples in fridge.

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