21 February 2014

candidate genes, arduino, and word cloud

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February 17 - 21 notes



Digging into candidate genes


Picked up parts at RadioShack

Better guide to laser trip wire that is self-calibrating

the Make guide


AMPure Bead purification of double digest samples for ApPopGen.

NR did same for ApAdaPt samples. Unfortunately a problem with an extra sample - we think we narrowed it down to AMPure reagent added to well 45 without any sample. Put 2 known blanks of 75ul AMPure beads in wells 47 and 48. Hope that Qubit confirms that well 45 contains no DNA, while all other wells do.

Writing and modifying code for transcriptome.



Simple test - hooked up Arduino and connected program to make a LED flash!

Working on getting program for beam braker to run.


Made wordclouds for all annotation terms in transcriptome, and a ‘comparison cloud’ for the GO terms enriched at different temperatures

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