24 May 2013

statistics and R

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Statistical methods survey

Cintia Gomes de Freitas, Cristan Dambros, and I are conducting a small ‘experiment’ on the statistical approaches used by early career ecologists. Some more details were kindly posted by the early career ecologists blog, as well as posted at ecolog.

For those of you keeping track, we’ve had 8 responses from the blog post in 3 days from the blog post. Update: now up to 12 responses with 5 in the past hour, which I suspect has to do with this blog cross-post on Dynamic Ecology, and 27 from ecolog. Either way, while the blogosphere/social networking is powerful, the old-school listserv is still way in front for recruiting volunteers.

As we’re still recruiting volunteers and waiting for responses, I’ll wait until later for explaining the motivations and results.

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