03 July 2013


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Notes for week of July 1

Short week for 4th of July holiday!


Finished sorting HF larvae into host colonies! Each of 11 host colonies now has 50 larvae; one from each of 50 colonies collected from HF. Bizarrely, one of the 11 host colonies has not picked up the larvae and moved them into the nest tube. Bad sisters. Good that I started with one extra host colony!

Shipped colonies from HF and EW to NCSU for phytotron.

Submitted ‘Estimating heritability using genomic data’ manuscript to MEE


Ants groomed off the yellow paint, but not the red. Sara pointed out that well-known ants do not see red light, hence why we keep them in red nest boxes. Interesting that for a species known for chemical communication they seem to be using visual cues for grooming. Anyway, repainted all ants in the 8 colonies that were yellow red. Went faster this time.

Meeting with Nick

  • what controls for AphAdaPT experiment?
    • do I gain anything by measuring CTmin-max of ants reared with their mothers?


Aphaenogaster collection at Rugar Woods, SUNY-Plattsburgh. Got rained out after collecting 2 colonies.

Started work on 1 of 3 reviews I foolishly said yes to in last few weeks…

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