21 June 2013

Aphaenogaster and Medicago

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Notes for week of June 17


Finished P-value commentary with Cintia and Cristian! Sent to Ecology for review.

Useful discussion of the bias-variance tradeoff and Random Forests


Working on protocol for using git/github.

Note that git does not show empty directories in git status. Add a README.md file to each directory to get around this.

If you accidentaly add a file that you do not want to track, use git rm --cached FILENAME to remove from version control

To show all branches, including remote use git branch -a


Edits to Genomic estimation of heritability manuscript.

Finished guide to using git/github and sent to Nick for test.

ggplot2 theme options


Flu. yuck.


Organized travel details for the Aphaenogaster collecting trip!

Maps, permits and equipment for Andrew and Mike.


Edits to ‘Genomic estimation of heritability’ manuscript. Lots of tweaking to figures in ggplot2.

Demonstration of maximum likelihood estimation in R

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