27 March 2014

pandoc and bibliography

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Making a bibliography with Pandoc

Pandoc is a great file conversion tool, but the feature I’m most excited about is it’s simple method for dealing with citations.

Unfortunately, getting this feature to work isn’t easy 1. First, you need a newish version of pandoc.

Installing the newest version (v1.12.3) was a pain in the ass and there was no clear guide online. Posted this answer on AskUbuntu.

Guide to installing the newest version of pandoc on Ubuntu

Due to my frustration and lack of a clear reference online, posted

  1. Install cabal

    sudo apt-get install cabal-install

  2. Make sure that path to cabal is at start of PATH (tip from here)


  3. Update cabal package database

    cabal update

  4. Use cabal to install alex and happy

    cabal install alex happy

  5. Use cabal to install pandoc (and pandoc-citeproc if wanted)

    cabal install pandoc pandoc-citeproc

  6. Check pandoc version to confirm installed

    pandoc --version

Add the PATH=$HOME/.cabal/bin:$PATH command to ~/.bashrc so pandoc available on next restart.

  1. At least, couldn’t get it to work on my Ubuntu 13.10 desktop, though I could get it to work on a Mac running an older version of Pandoc.

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