14 April 2014

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Monday notes

  • Finished review for Ecological Monographs.

  • MolEcologist Q&A questions for Amity Wilczek

  • Biology Seminar
  • Gretel Clarke: predators influence on maintenance of gynodioecy
  • Ally Neal: sex ratio theory of malaria parasites

  • Prepped shipment of voucher specimens to NCSU


Met with Grace - painted ants in third experimental colony ‘blue’ and ‘red’.

Computer things

Correct use of filenames in shell


Zenni, R.D., Bailey, J.K. & Simberloff, D. (2014). Rapid evolution and range expansion of an invasive plant are driven by provenance–environment interactions. Ecology Letters, n/a–n/a.

  • study of invasion of loblolly pine from provenance trials at 6 six replicated sites in Brazil
  • 96 SNP genotyping to identify established invaders beyond provenance common garden
  • no evidence for admixture increasing invasiveness
  • individually-successful genotypes contribute disproportionately to invasion front
  • provenance by environment interaction predicts success in invasive range

Sangster, T.A., Bahrami, A., Wilczek, A., Watanabe, E., Schellenberg, K., McLellan, C., Kelley, A., Kong, S.W., Queitsch, C. & Lindquist, S. (2007). Phenotypic Diversity and Altered Environmental Plasticity in Arabidopsis thaliana with Reduced Hsp90 Levels. PLoS ONE, 2, e648.

  • reduced Hsp90 by RNAi
  • influences nearly all phenotypes
  • “central regulator of the plastic responses of plants to their environment”
  • Andrew pointed out similar paper using Drosophila: Rutherford, S.L. & Lindquist, S. (1998). Hsp90 as a capacitor for morphological evolution. Nature, 396, 336–342.

Cordeiro, M.A., Moriuchi, K.S., Fotinos, T.D., Miller, K.E., Nuzhdin, S.V., Wettberg, E.J. von & Cook, D.R. (2014). Population differentiation for germination and early seedling root growth traits under saline conditions in the annual legume Medicago truncatula (Fabaceae). American Journal of Botany, 101, 488–498.

  • seedlings of saline origin genotypes more tolerant to salinity than nonsaline genotypes

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