07 August 2014


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August Aphaenophone conference call

Aphaenophone conference call

  1. Manuscripts
  • NG and JSG submitted “Next-generation species distribution models” to Ecology
  • JSG: Aphaenogaster thermal reactionome in prep for PNAS
  • CP: adding all 14 species from Phytotron to comparative development paper, in prep
  • BBdM: revisions of Novomessor manuscript
  • LC: SDM manuscript, using thermal traits and probability of occurrence
  1. Update on genetic data (JSG + SCH)
  • first 48 samples of ddRADseq for population genetics off Illumina machine, will start processing data soon
  • DGE RNAseq protocol working for the Phytotron samples to get gene expression
  • ants on hand to extract DNA for Aphaenogaster picea genome sequencing
  • with both popgen and RNAseq protocols working, we can think about what other samples it would be useful to have this data for
  1. Update on Phytotron vouchers (CP)
  • about 4 colonies missing vouchers from Phytotron. may have these at VT
  • almost all samples north of PA are A. picea, but south of PA is a mix of A. picea, rudis, fulva, carolinensis
  1. New field collections (AN + KM)
  • KM: collected 10 colonies from each of three sites: VT, PA, NC. Will use to look at shifts in stoichiometry from field to lab
  • AN: collected 81 colonies from 10-13 species over summer. currently measuring knock-down temperature for each colony, and collecting ant samples at 10 time points during ramp for gene expression work
  1. Other topics
  • SCH: need to collect samples from chambers on hot and cool days
    • LN: already made cool day collection at DF, waiting for hot day
  • ML: working on network analysis with AE and others
  • ML: taking over pitfalls in the chambers at HF
  • SCH: collect larvae from nest boxes when iButtons are removed in October.

Lacy will organize the next call on September 4th.

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