07 May 2013

system administration

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Monday notes

Gabriel David born April 24th…back to work after a break to be at home with him.

Helms-Cahan lab cleaning

Modifications for figures for Medicago GWAS manuscript, and working on revision for MEE paper.


Slate, J. (2013). From Beavis to Beak Color: A Simulation Study to Examine How Much Qtl Mapping Can Reveal About the Genetic Architecture of Quantitative Traits. Evolution, 67, 1251–1262. - simulation study that shows a QTL study including sample sizes of 1000 individuals will still overestimate effect sizes (Beavis effect). similar to issues in GWAS. recent paper by Buckler group (Larsson et al 2013 PLoS Genetics “Lessons from Dwarf8 on the strengths and weaknesses of structured association mapping”)

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